Weapons should prove to be something that we never need to include on our rescue craft.

Such space and lack of weight on board our rescue craft would be much better suited for our needed equipment, supplies, and better gear that can get you the help you need, much faster than if we were encumbered with weapons. Additionally, the time and Quanta spent outfitting our craft could also be better spent in various other ways to further Our Mission.

We hope that the greater community will respect our wishes by not firing on our craft or rescuers at any time, or we will need to reverse this decision, and regrettably so.

Being a rescue service, we expect many will act in good faith towards Our Mission, rescue squads, and their craft. Indeed, weapons would be helpful to defend ourselves with should we cross paths with someone truly detestable and deter those tempted to impede us, but as previously mentioned, we do not see how it advances Our Mission, but can certainly hold it back.

Should our personnel become obstructed at any time from their operation or otherwise attacked or destroyed while commanding a rescue craft, names of hostile actors and/or organizations will be taken and given a lowered reputation among our services depending on the outcome, if not terminated from future service entirely.

We understand that accidents can do occur and will shrug it off if it is not interpreted as a deliberately hostile act.

Defenders with drawn weapons and/or warning shots will be given heed and advised of the situation. We will try and work things out between us, the defending craft, and the victim. If the rescue team is not given pass then we will attempt to devise another means of rescue from the outside.

If push does come to shove and the victim happens to get their organization(s) involved against a defending organization then we will be forced to withdraw due to the possibility of more lives being put at risk than necessary.

We will, of course, exhaust all of our possible means before calling off an operation.

If you have found yourself under a lowered reputation due to past actions and seek good relations once again, then you have the ability to Reconcile any past faults.

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