Anytime, Anywhere

How do we aim to be in every single system?

The idea, while it sounds simple on paper, might not be as simple as we'd like in process.

Our goal is to recruit as many willing and interested individuals, regardless of where they come from. The only major hurdle lies in these individuals commitments to the current organizations they may already be in, or the future ones they choose to join.

While in our organization, we will not enforce any period of time where you must be on call and ready to deploy. We will of course never turn away someone who chooses to make this a full time investment.

You can still be with your organization and do things with them, we just ask that you, if okay with your superiors, be able to leave your duties before you embark on a rescue mission.

Rescuers are by no means obligated in any form to accept a mission. It is an entirely voluntary option.  

We will not restrict who can join our organization aside from the worst of the worst and those we know we can't trust, so yes, even a run-of-the-mill pirate can raid a frigate in one system, then rescue someone in the next as long as it doesn't generate us a conflict of interest. As long as you have no malicious intent during your rescue and with our name on the line, you'll be looked upon with just the same as respect as everyone else.

Sure, trusting a pirate is a silly thing. In Eyes & Ears commitment to timeliness, however, we are willing to take that risk. You can read more in depth about this in our page on Pirates.

This aspect may change, subject to public perception. 

Our ultimate goal is to expand with and alongside larger organizations as they reach out into space so that wherever explorers go, we are never far behind.

We hope to establish a presence of some acceptable sort in every system, and optimally on every planet with a small outpost on a secured portion of land, optimally under the protection of a state.

If any organization or city leader would like to host an Eyes & Ears outpost in a non-PVP, secured area, please Contact Us.

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