Does your organization have something we might want?
Let's work together and help each other out.

If you are interested in affiliating with Eyes & Ears, Contact Us with how you can help either us, or our customers, and what offer or discount you are willing to provide as a part of our relationship in exchange for our first pick of service providers as well as a survivors direct referral to you.


These groups supply us and our underlying partners with raw material

RockBreakers Elite

How Do We Help: Processing raw ore into basic usable material

Offers/Discounts: 15% off any refined ore purchases of 750 units or more. An additional 1% for return buyers


These groups craft elements we use to repair survivors ships

Element Designers

How Do We Help: We turn basic components into more refined goods

Offers/Discounts: 10% off any purchase single purchase


These groups are responsible for designing Eyes & Ears constructs

Best Builders

How Do We Help: We'll build whatever you want

Offers/Discounts: Priority construction on any small construct

Lua Code

These groups enhance Eyes & Ears constructs through Lua code

Albatross Inc

How Do We Help: Specializations in ship design and custom UI HUDs for your ship.

Offers/Discounts: We offer access to affiliate level UI designs and ship functionality for members of E&E.


These groups assist Eyes & Ears through the sharing of Data and Information

Cobra Tec

How Do We Help: Market data and price point distribution.

Offers/Discounts: TBD


These groups assist Eyes & Ears in a multitude of ways and do not fit into any special group

Vulture Corporation

How Do We Help: Various security, scientific, and service related assignments

Offers/Discounts: 7.5% off any purchase of 300+ units of raw or processed ore


How Do We Help: Ship design in addition to services to discover and exploit resources and develop advanced technologies

Offers/Discounts: All ships sold by DAI may come with an Emergency Pass subscription courtesy of Eyes & Ears.

Replacement of the survivors lost ship will be attempted. If not possible, ships with standard features including storage space, and small arms, among other features, will be provided or a new ship can be designed for a discounted price.

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