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The Rescue Process


Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue was created on the realization that players could easily find themselves stranded and far away from civilization. While not entirely helpless, we serve to assist players who are for lack of a better word, "stuck" and need an outsiders help.

"Loose lips sink ships" was an American phrase that told WWII servicemen and civilians to "beaware of ungaurded talk" as the enemy could have eyes and ears everywhere. What was true in the 20th century remains so in the 124th century.

While our duties make a good platform for spying and intelligence gathering, this does not fall in our line of work and is not conducive in building positive relationships within the Dual Universe community.

The name Eyes & Ears was chosen to represent our organization as always ready to respond to trouble. Our eyes are always scanning the horizon for a smoking wreck, and our ears always listening to the radio for a distress call.

I, DarkHorizon, created Eyes & Ears out of an interest I got while watching TV about the U.S. Coast Guard while growing up.

This interest was further spurned recently by Elite Dangerous' Cmdr. Persera's journey into the great void and her rescue by the renowned Fuel Rats.

Please read more of her story

We don't have any centralized location where you'll find a massive stash of resources. All you'll find at most is a garage with our ships and any equipment at hand and even an administrative building on one planet per system.

We will only ever set up shop if a city plans to host us inside a secure territory.

As an organization, the whole of Eyes & Ears is considered "neutral" with a slightly lawful lean.

Our members are generally expected to be neutral players yet stay within a few predefined guidelines. Don't shoot someone when they're down, but feel free to sneak around a lawfully imposed barricade if it means helping someone in trouble.

With all the information created by the Eyes & Ears organization thusfar, all public information has been sorted into the over 20 pages you see on this website. This mostly has two benifits in that it tells people more about what we do and who we are, as well as answer many of the same questions that would otherwise be asked in our Discord.

The Rescue Process

We're only in Alpha, so let's play out a quick hypothetical situation.

You're stuck in space without fuel.

Navigate to our website (, click the "ACTIVATE EMERGENCY" button in the upper right, and if you agree to the costs of rescue, click "INITIATE RESCUE"

You will then be sent to the #distress-call channel in our Discord where you can talk with one of our dispatchers who will relay your information to a supervisor who will assemble and dispatch a rescue team to your location.

Now, just wait in place for our rescue team to arrive and provide further instructions.

This is a highly variable answer and it is dependent mostly on the victims situation.

     ○ What is your current situation (under attack, drifting, stopped etc)
     ○ What do you need? (extra fuel, an element repair, an element replacement, etc)
     ○ Where are you located?
     ○ How much fuel do you need?
     ○ How much fuel do we need to make a round trip?
     ○ Do we need to make any retrofits to our current ships to carry out this rescue?
     ○ Do we need to cross any obstacles? (organization blockades, asteroid fields, etc)

This list is not comprehensive and may get updated periodically. Some additional info can also be found in our Finances section.

When our rescue team arrives, please direct them to the area of interest if its not plainly visible, be it your fuel tanks, destroyed elements, etc. After an initial assessment is done, our team will return to their craft to fetch the needed supplies to fix the victims situation, render the needed aid, then return to their vessel after being assured that the victims situation is under control.

For a more general overview, the answers vary based on the victim's situation.

     ○ Damaged elements get repaired and broken ones replaced
     ○ Empty fuel tanks are refilled
     ○ Critical holes in constructs will be patched over
     ○ Floating Noveans who abandoned a construct...
          ⁃ Will be returned to it if the construct is not destroyed
          ⁃ Will be dropped off at the nearest civilized location if the construct has been destroyed or stolen

     ○ Heavily damaged and/or immobile ships will be towed to the nearest repair facility (pending such features)

Please be courteous and understanding. Bigger jobs especially require more effort on our part, and we always want to do things right the first time. We apologize if we come off as slow, we're just being methodical in our work.

We understand that you might be on a tight schedule or desperate to get back to a safe haven, but rushing or panicking helps no one. Mistakes can be made, problems overlooked, and an unfinished job should be considered a bad job.


After being assured that things are under control, the rescue team will tender a bill which can either be paid right away, or possibly at a later date. Payment by an organization on the victims behalf is also accepted.

The option of accepting payment at a later date is still under debate and will most likely remain so indefinitely until we've built up enough trust with the greater community.

Payment will almost always be in the form of Quanta, however trading resources may be an option if discussed with in the appropriate instances.

Yes, our teams are paid for the time they put into Eyes & Ears and helping the community as a whole. Materials, fuel, constructs, storage, renting space from other organizations, it's unlikely anyone would provide this to us for free. While it would be nice for all this to be free considering the service we provide, we're just one more cog in the games' economy.

Still, all the Quanta on Alioth can not replace the pride and joy we get from all our supporting players along the way.


Please utilize the methods in the Contact Us page. This will connect you with the Director, DarkHorizon, where you can leave your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

If you want to discuss something in depth, joining our Discord is the encouraged option.

We're excited you've considered joining our team. Applicants are encouraged to browse our open positions before submitting an application on our community page along with your desired position(s) if you have one in mind.

We're always looking for organizations that would like to partner with us. These all important relationships can enhance our operations as Dual Universe expands into multiple systems.

Please reach out to us through your preferred method on the Contact Us page and specify that you'd like to become an affiliate.

Due to the early state of Dual Universe, any agreements made don't need to be super explicit in their details, just a general overview should suffice until the game gets closer to its release state.

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