Fast, Timely,
Expert service:

Eyes & Ears strives to have the quickest, most Expertly run rescue service the moment we pickup your call, to the moment our rescue team pulls up beside you.

Victims should expect only the needed amount of resources to return them to civilization as quickly as possible.


With our aim to have a presence everywhere regardless of how big or small. In every system, you can rest easy knowing that help will always be on the way.

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Anytime Anywhere.

Deeply ingrained Affiliate Network:

Before, during, and after the rescue, Victims and Survivors can be confident in our expansive affiliate supplier network to take care of everyone's needs, yours and ours.

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Perks and

Those connected to a financial institution can subscribe to our Emergency Pass service. Having this pass can expedite rescue thanks to a secure and guaranteed payment.

Survivors then can get back on their feet much quicker thanks to the services and discounts provided by our affiliates. 

Not Everyone is Eligible to be Rescued:

There exists a subset of players who promote such great threat to all players, and run contrary to Our Mission, their actions can result in a termination of future services (see right) until reconciliation.

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Threat Index.

Termination of Future Service:

Eyes & Ears reserves the right to restrict any future services to any individual or organization if it meets a set of eligible standards. Lesser incidents will be sanctioned accordingly.

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Threat Index.

Bounty Hunters
Ride Along:

Fugitives of the law, beware! When accepting a rescue with a known bounty on file, Eyes & Ears might bring with a bounty hunter alongside their crew, ready and waiting to detain you.

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Bounty Hunters.

Costs and

Players who request a rescue will be mandated to pay for the expenses of our services. Rescuers need wages, constructs need fuel, supplies need purchasing, etc.

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The Cost of Rescue

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