Eyes & Ears - Search & Rescue
A Dual Universe based and rescue focused Organization

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                    About Us - Get to know more about the Eyes & Ears organization

                    Important - Important things you should know not included in About Us

                    Anytime, Anywhere - Explains how Eyes & Ears intends to be present, all throughout the Universe

                    Weapons - Why we don't wish to arm ourselves and how we deal with less than friendly players

                    Threat Index - How Eyes & Ears assigns hostile players a threat level

                    Reconciliation - Right your past wrongs with us

                   F.A.Q. - Our answers to frequently asked questions

                    The Cost of Rescue - We are not a free service, learn about the costs of our services here

                    Emergency Pass Subscription - A monthly membership option for those often far from help

                    Donate - Help keep us in business, and we'll help keep you in business

                    Affiliates - A list of our partners and their offers to those Eyes and Ears renders it's services to

                    Sponsors - Our most ardent supporters and contributors to our efforts are recognized here.

                    Bounty Hunters - We'll co-op with bounty hunters and organization based security forces

                    Pirates - Bad guys with good intentions, we'll employ them

                    Contact Us - Got a question, we have an answer

                    Join Us - Like helping other players and going on adventures, consider joining up

                    Discord - Chat and be friendly with us because we're normal players too

                    Community Page - A direct link to our organization page on Dual Universes Community section

                    Novark's Organization Registry - A direct link to our recruitment post in Dual Universe forums

                    Meet the Team - Get to know the players behind the armpatch

                    Stats & Stories - Interesting numbers and stories of survival

                    Our History - A brief summary of Eyes & Ears history as an organization

                   TITLE - Improve your odds in situations where its you versus the environment

                    Media - All Eyes & Ears graphical work and media appearances

                    Feedback - Leave us some feedback or provide your suggestions

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