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If you got what it takes to make a difference.

We could always use a hand, and if you're the type that is willing to step out into that dark void just to save the life of someone you might only know by name and see once in your life, then step aboard. Our open positions can be found below.

We're accepting applications on our organizations page, be sure to also check out our forum post in NovaQuark's Organization Registry.

Open Positions

Positions Filled
Answer distress calls, alert rescuers, and stay calm. Record the victim and their situation and position, who accepts a rescue mission, and what supplies they need and hand that over to a Supervisor for planning and an Organizer for archiving.
Supervisor:Formulate a plan of rescue, coordinate suppliers, resources, and rescuers, ensure the safety of rescuers, and approve rescues.
  A special note on Supervisors is at the bottom of this page.
Rescuer:Be ready to go at a moment’s notice, have adequate flight skills (more experience the better), perform various rescue operations (fuel, repair, transfer, S&R), and dare to go where others would not.
Dedicated Pilot:
Expert pilots will command our rescue ships when tasked with a high risk or special situation.
     This position doubles as a Rescuer and provides no additional benefits over rescuers.
ProgrammerDesign and impliment LUA code that works in conjunction with Eyes & Ears constructs for various purposes of enhancement, design, and utility.6
Financial Accountant:Manage our finances and work with recruiters when scouting worthwhile affiliates.
     * Until filled, this position will be maintained by the Data Organizer.
Supplies Manager:Ensure that we have enough materials and fuel on hand at any one time to carry out a typical rescue operation.
     Hires will be working alongside our Data Organizer, Affiliates, and other organizations to acquire needed supplies. 
Data Organizer:Work with spreadsheets and keep our data organized.
     This includes but is not limited to: Keeping track of all supply related data, archiving rescue related data and *managing our finances.
Recruiter:Promote our business and services in approved areas (ex: various recruiters channels on Discord) and scout for potential affiliates that might benefit Survivors and our organization. 0
Affiliated Organization:Organizations that believe a mutual benefit can flourish through a partnership with Eyes & Ears can Contact Us and join our growing list of Affiliates.

Our Structure

Supervisors offer a unique role in the set-up of the Eyes & Ears organization.

Many organizations have an agreed upon leader, most often the founder of that organization. In our case, should the Director become absent for an extended period of time, Eyes & Ears should be able to sustain itself with its Supervisors leading rescue teams which make up the core of our purpose. Everyone outside the Supervisor would continue with their current roles as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Just a final note:

All of this is subject to deepen as Eyes & Ears expands into different systems where eventually heads of departments like Head Supervisor, Head Supply Manager, etc.

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