Threat Index

Eyes & Ears believes in common courtesy and the rule of law. While we do not represent any kind of law enforcement, we will levy the appropriate repercussions against those who hinder the provision of our services, be such hindrance direct or indirect.

Being a rescue organization, we hope other players would respect our cause, but expect this to not always be the case.

Below is a categorical list of infractions and the results that would accompany our response. These responses can be applied on an individual basis, all the way up to entire organizations.

This list is in no way complete, and will be updated as needed.


Persons in this category (including allies or affiliates of Eyes & Ears) have no infractions presently to Eyes & Ears knowledge including:

     ○ Those that have had no previous harmful interaction with Eyes & Ears
     ○ Those who have completed the process of Reconciliation and have not committed an offense since this process 

Allies and Affiliates

Persons in this category are automatically considered friendly and not deemed threatening. Both sides are expected to conduct themselves in a cooperative manner.

Should any incident breakout, a recommendation will be made to the superior(s) of their organization(s).

This is a special subcategory which belongs in "Clear", see above.

Level 1

Persons in this category are not explicitly recorded by Eyes & Ears since their infractions are considered too minor and have not harmed Eyes & Ears in any form and will be largely ignored. Such infractions include:

     ○ Intimidation / Verbal Abuse
     ○ Stray / Warning shots in close proximity
     ○ Minor collision at low speed if it doesn't threaten a loss of control control over our craft

Level 2

Persons in this category are known to Eyes & Ears with a recorded infraction. Such infractions include:

     ○ Causing Eyes & Ears craft, structures, or personnel up to minor damage or injury
     ○ Petty theft of Eyes & Ears owned property

Level 3

Persons in this category are known to Eyes & Ears with a recorded infraction.

Regional authorities will be made known to this activity. Rescue attempts of players at or above this level may be delayed or rerouted for higher priority cases (VIPs, repeat victims/customers, etc). Such infractions include:

     ○ Causing Eyes & Ears craft, structures, or personnel up to major damage or injury
     ○ Moderate theft of Eyes & Ears owned property
     ○ Trespassing on Eyes & Ears owned property
     ○ Exasperating victim distress
     ○ Actively hindering Eyes & Ears rescue efforts
     ○ Actively hindering Eyes & Ears allies or affiliates in any Eyes & Ears related activity
     ○ Misuse / Abuse of emergency communications and Eyes & Ears services

Level 4

Persons in this category are well known to Eyes & Ears with multiple lesser or a single major infraction.

System authorities in the area will be made known to this activity. A post on the Eyes & Ears Novark Organization Registry will also be made in the Dual Universe forums. Rescue should not be expected in almost any case. Such infractions include:

     ○ Death or destruction of Eyes & Ears personnel or constructs
     ○ Death or destruction of a victim or their construct either directly or as a result of rescue interference
     ○ Grand theft
     ○ Luring
     ○ Hostage taking
     ○ Any active declaration of aggression against Eyes & Ears


At anytime desired, persons can have past ills in Level 1 - 4 forgiven through our Reconciliation process and be returned to the "Clear" category.

Please note: Although threat levels can be raised when in our in-game presence, this is a mostly knowledge based system of rating where we will gather data from several areas including other trusted players, player based law enforcement (where applicable), forum posts, the Community page, and public or private Discord content regardless of the server it appears on.

Keep in mind that lower level offenses will stack which may push repeat offenders into higher indexed levels.

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