Should someone who was formerly hostile to our activities wish for better relations, we will forgive their past decisions through a payment of Quanta that is 5 times the value of all destroyed persons, assets, and subsequently any failure in the rescue with which they were related to, along with all expenses accrued by needing to send out additional rescue teams.

5x was chosen as the target value for any qualifying reconciliation as it is a sufficiently large enough amount to cover any debits and ensure a lesser likelihood of future conflict and may change based on Quantas inflation or deflation.

These payments will go towards the following:

○ Restoring Eyes & Ears lost organizational assets (constructs, materials, elements, etc)
○ Payment to external entities to restore above said assets
○ Rescuers, for compensation of their time and any lost assets
○ Victims who incurred any losses or additional expenses (wages, constructs, inventory, etc)

Here is an example of how this would all work:

Say a rescuer arrives to refuel a hauler full of ore just as a pirate shows up and proceeds to destroy both ships, kill both players, loots the players remains and make off with the ore.

Both sides declare their ships a total loss and are deemed unsalvageable.

Victims Property
Victims Expense
Eyes & Ears Property
Eyes & Ears Expense
Ore Hauling Ship
Rescue Ship50,000
Stolen Ore350,000
Lost Resources7,000
Personel Inventory5,000Personel Inventory1,000
Lost Profit30,000Lost Profit7,000
Cost of Reconciliation3,290,000

The astounding potential costs of Reconciliation are not meant as a means of profit, more as an additional reason not to want to pay them, and therefore eliminate the desire to perform any destructive action to begin with.

In no way are any individuals within Eyes & Ears designed to personally profit off of such payments. Any Quanta left over will be put aside for future needs or donated to a non profit organization in positive community standing of our choice.

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