Emergency Pass

If you are the type that often needs help or demands fast service, then you might want to consider a monthly subscription to our "Emergency Pass Club".

Cardholders who connect to a bank or other financial institution will receive expedited service in addition to a discount on all provided services.

Another perk cardholders get will be discounted purchases from our affiliates in the event that you have lost something of value prior to rescue. Our affiliates might not be able to reproduce exactly what you lost, but at least you will have a solid foundation to start from. Exact details on these discounts will need to be discussed with our affiliates individually and all details will be posted on our Affiliates page.

Organizations that choose to affiliate with us will additionally receive a small discount on our rescue related services if a person in need of rescue is a member of an affiliated organization.

A priority queue will be generated for cardholders and affiliated organizations, but this and a future subscription scheme will await future deliberation. In the meantime, if you or your organization would like to purchase an Emergency Pass, simply Contact Us, and we'll get you sorted.

Failure to renew a subscription will result in a expired pass and it's holder will be regulated to non-cardholder status. Cardholders will need to stay on top of their subscription time since sending out notices would create unnecessary overhead.

All Passes will be activated at an indeterminate time.

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