The Cost of Rescue

It's a tough topic when a Victim is lost and in a tight situation. When your life is on the line, all you want is to be saved and return home, everything else is secondary.

While we here at Eyes & Ears are fully committed to rescuing you, Quanta is needed to fund our operation. Everything from the costs of materials, fuel, repair scrap; it doesn't come for free. Since our employees could be getting paid by working for another organization, we pay them for their time spent rescuing that could be spent elsewhere.

Much of our expected profit will come from actually rescuing others and other services we provide, with the rest being covered by donations made by other individuals or organizations.

We hope that, with time, future Victims and Survivors will not be faced with the choice between losing everything, waiting an exorbitant amount of time, risking an unknown rescuer, or paying for what could be perceived as an "expensive" rescue operation from us.

Being fully operational on donations from the community would be the most optimal situation, but we ourselves, and those we have or will interact with should maintain a level perspective on this possibility.

We appreciate your understanding on this less than stellar news.

If you would like to donate, please see our Donate page.

Cost Estamator

The below table should give an idea about what the costs of a possible rescue might look like.

EventExpense (in Quanta)
E&E dispatches a rescuer to your location:
Fuel consumed to reach your location:
     measured in litres and doubled (round trip )

Element Replacement:
     E&E will attempt to provide an estimate
Varies based on required Elements
Transport to Repair Facilities:
     E&E will attempt to provide an estimate
Varies based on Core size and
Construct mass
     Additional expenses may apply if the
     individual is in a hard to reach location
1,000 / individual
     Atmosphere (per 1,000 Meters)
     Space (per 1 SU)


Please keep in mind these values are mostly all placeholders for the time being and may be adjusted over time as natural market forces begin to establish themselves.

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