Want to help out but don't know how?

Leave us Alone

Not to sound rude, but if you see us flying in our rescue craft, please keep your distance.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Affiliate with Us

If you are an organization leader and think you can offer some sort of service that we might find useful, feel free to Contact Us.

The more affiliates we have, the easier it is to locate and source resources for our missions.

Donate Directly

As mentioned, all this takes resources and your contribution of Quanta allows us to make on the spot decisions as they arise.

A direct donation of Quanta will go the improvement and expansion of Eyes & Ears operations.

Show Appreciation

The great bulk of us are involved because we simply like helping other players when it would be easier for most to just ignore.

It doesn't take much more than well wishes or even a simple 'thank you' to brighten our day since we are humans too.

Make a financial contribution

Building a website takes time, having it hosted takes money. While we could easily place advertisements on our website, the current distracting, uninvited, and even aggressively pushed ads makes us not want in on the deal. For mobile users, this problem can be multiplied with extra data consumed and longer page rendering times which no one wants.

To help combat advertising networks, Eyes & Ears is partnering up with the Brave web browser which is built off the Chrome web browser that many of you are already familiar with.

What makes Brave special has to do with online advertising which puts its users in control of what advertisements they see and don't see.

Unlike with extensions, ad-blocking technology is built right into the browser by default and can be turned on and off at will. Not only does it block advertisements and popups, but it also blocks cookies and trackers that follow you around on the web to provide you with 'relevant' advertising.

While you can choose to opt out of ads entirely, you can also choose to view a handful of ads every hour in exchange for Braves online currency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

BAT, which is built on top of Ethereum, can then be distributed to your favorite sites, Twitch streamers, YouTube creators, or it can be withdrawn as your favorite crypto or hard currency in place of adblocking.

While you'll never see traditional advertisements on our website, we hope that this platform and others like it will help usher in a new era of online advertising.

If you're already browsing with the Brave browser, If you'd like to help us out, feel free to send us a tip. If you don't have the browser, feel free to download and try it for a few days. Chrome users will feel right at home, while non-users will enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks.

Just know that with whatever method you choose to support Eyes & Ears, every little bit goes much further than you think.
We take pride in helping others in this community, every donation big and small goes towards that effort.

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