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Who Are We?

Only the finest rescue
based organization around.

We at Eyes & Ears pride ourselves on
being the premier Dual Universe rescue
focused organization.

Saving lives is what we do.

Why Rescue?

You're a miner orbiting a planet and finishing up your days harvest.
Engines, good; adjusters, good; fuel, ample; payload, secure.

It's been another good day, and then it happens... The unexpected.

Kicking up the throttle, you hear the engines start to rev up. Something catches your nose, "Something is burning..." races through your mind, but it's too late. The sound of electricity arcing permeates the cockpit, your engines die and your HUD fades from view.

Hoping against hope, you scramble for your comms to ask for help, but without power they're all but useless.

You're far from civilization. It's cold, dark, and lonely.

You're on your own.

With no other options, you activate your emergency beacon in hopes that someone, anyone, receives it. Hedging your bets against those who would rather space you and make off with your belongings, you opt to settle into a deep slumber to preserve what breathable air you have.

Our Mission

Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights.



Now that you know about our purpose, other various Important stuff would be worth checking out.