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Who are We?

Only the finest rescue
based organization around.

We at Eyes & Ears pride ourselves on
being the premier Dual Universe rescue
focused organization.

Saving lives is what we do.

Why Rescue?

You're a miner orbiting a planet and finishing up your days harvest.
Engines, good; adjusters, good; fuel, ample; payload, secure.

It's been another good day, and then it happens... The unexpected.

Kicking up the throttle, you hear the engines start to rev up. Something catches your nose, "Something is burning..." races through your mind, but it's too late. The sound of electricity arcing permeates the cockpit, your engines die and your HUD fades from view.

Hoping against hope, you scramble for your comms to ask for help, but without power they're all but useless.

You're far from civilization. It's cold, dark, and lonely. You're on your own.

With no other options, you activate your emergency beacon in hopes that someone, anyone, receives it. Hedging your bets against those who would rather space you and make off with your belongings, you opt to settle into a deep slumber to preserve what breathable air you have.

"Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights.
Recover the broken and make it whole again.
Give life to the stilled and quiet.

Friend or foe, it matters not."

- DarkHorizon

We do not discriminate based on any offline quality those who come in contact with us possess, nor do we care for the in-game activity players choose to pursue their enjoyment.

We exist solely to enhance that enjoyment by removing some of the risks the universe presents.

We will rescue stranded Noveans so long as they do not present a threat to our members while on duty, nor to the constructs they pilot.

Our members are entirely neutral while on-duty and will not cause conflict with the distressed or other organizations.

What We Do:

Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue personnel's primary task is in the recovery of stranded players in non-combative environments. This service is provided to all players of Dual Universe who find themselves in untenable circumstances and needing outside assistance.

Being A Leader:

As Dual Universes premier organization centered on search and rescue, we hope to become an example for other organizations divisions and even independent groups to seek and surpass our professional standards.

How We Stand Out:

Being a player-vs-player game in a free for all environment with various areas of safety, many non-service organizations fall into one of two categories, simply put; attackers and defenders. Eyes & Ears is a sort of neutral middle ground in that we aren't interested in attacking anyone, and will go out of our way to help total strangers that are not even connected with us. Yes, even pirates and smugglers can receive our aid. We hope that this neutral stance and our positive reputation with the community will not make us a quick target.

Fresh Off The Arkship:

Eyes & Ears welcomes both newly minted players and seasoned veterans. No real-life skills are required except for a willingness to learn until everything becomes simple muscle memory. Everything from compiling information, navigating, and learning how to spacewalk will all be easy to learn skills that can be applied wherever you go in Dual Universe, with no space ship or building skill required.

Voluntary Work:

All work done by Eyes & Ears members is voluntary, meaning only when they can make themselves available and not conflict with duties to other organizations our members might be a part of. We do not hold time shifts or require you to be on call

Sustaining Our Services:

While Eyes & Ears has been described by some as a charity, we are still providing a service that isn't free. A fee is charged and will be made available to the player at some point during or after the rescue process. This fee includes payment towards things such as manpower, resources, construct upkeep, rent payments, and so forth.

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Now that you know about our purpose, other various Important stuff would be worth checking out.

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