Hello Alpha Players

I, DarkHorizon, Founder of Eyes & Ears - Search & Rescue created an organization focused on rescuing players from problematic situations. Crashed half way around Alioth, stuck in space without fuel, decided EVA and have your construct leave you behind?

I hope to get word out about this organization and it's role in the future game by helping others during the Alpha and Beta testing phases.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations or something else entirely and need outside assistance, feel free to direct message me or my team in-game through joining the 911 channel by entering the following into ALL chat:  /join 911

If we don't respond then we might not be watching the channel, busy doing our own thing in the test enviroment, or simply AFK.

When contacting a member of Eyes & Ears, you can speed things up by describing your situation, if you need anything like fuel then mention how much, and finally provide your coordinates in-game and we will do our best to respond adequately.

Of course, we won't always be able to respond to everybody with utmost speed as we will not always be on Alioth. Your consideration is appreciated in the minuites to hours that it might take prior to a rescuers arrival while keeping you informed of their progress after your call has been recieved.

In future situations where the easier decision of a forced respawn might not be desirable, I intend this to be a simulation of that game play so a tempered expectation is a must.

Additionally, you can get in touch directly in-game with the following users instead of waiting to be picked up in the 911 channel.

[BOO] Sylva

Finally, some of the rescues already made can be found here.

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